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Instax SHARE SP-3 Smartphone PRINTER WOF, Black

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Size Name: Square
Style Name: Black
  • Wireless printing via Wi-Fi
  • High-speed printing – nought to print-ready in just 13 seconds
  • Iconic SQUARE format instax prints – 62 (w) mm x 62 (h) mm
  • Multiple filter options via the free to download instax SHARE app
  • instax SHARE SP-3 Printer - Black, USB Cable, NP-50 Rechargeable Li-ion Battery, Instruction Manual

From the manufacturer

Making Dream Shots A Reality

We’re here to help take your life offline <pause for moment to panic>, in true instax style. Yes, you can now turn your must-keep memories into physical creative prints.

Taking the best pictures from your smartphone (or social media account), the instax SHARE SP-3 stylishly presents them in a sophisticated colour square format instax print. All with a single click of a button.

Portable, speedy and super classy this printer is a match made in heaven for smartphones.

Wireless Printing

Print here, here or even here.

Forget the cables. We did. Simply choose your favourite shots on your phone or compatible FUJIFILM X Series camera and transfer via Wi-Fi from the instax SHARE app to the instax SHARE SP-3. No need to plug in. No need to entangle.

Instax Square Film

Add edge to your memories.

Our SQUARE format film is a firm favourite among photographers (and who can blame them? It’s a perfectionist’s dream). That’s why the stylish instax SHARE SP-3 was just crying out for our 1:1 ratio film.

High Quality Prints

Moments That'll Never Fade.

Gradations? Not a problem. Facial expressions? Crystal clear. Using the professional high-quality film technology of Fujifilm and a high printing resolution of 800 x 800 pixels and 318 dpi, your pictures will be rich, detailed and stunningly colourful.

Share App Features

Make It Your Own

Open up the instax SHARE app and get carried away with endless filter options. Make colours punchier, enhance the mood in your shot or even take colour away. All before connecting to the SHARE SP-3 and hitting print.

High Speed Printing

Naught To Print-Ready In 13 Seconds

The instax SHARE SP-3 is fast. Maybe not as fast as a rocket, but with the instax laser exposure system the SHARE SP-3 can achieve a printing time of just 13 seconds. Astounding. Plus, printing noise is incredibly low, unlike a rocket.

Share App Templates

Enter A World of Creativity

Taken the shot? The fun doesn’t have to stop there. Open up the instax SHARE app and let the collage, dicing or even messaging features commence. The show-stopping designs will give you plenty of ways to make the text bespoke to you.